Le déodorant le plus simple et efficace

A natural and effective deodorant : baking soda with turmeric

A home made deodorant, easy to make by yourself.

I live in Thailand, it’s hot every day, I need a good deodorant ! 

For many years, I’ve been trying different deodorants, especially natural and alternative ones, sometimes they were expensive, some times they didn‘t really work, and they were not really natural or healthy. For example, the crystal deodorant, or alum stone – than can, nowadays, be found almost everywhere, became very popular for being natural and aluminium free. However, its composition is actually naturally derived from aluminium, as it’s scientific name « potassium aluminum sulfate » shows. Aluminium is found in nature, so this crystal can be natural, but is it safe to use ? Some people say that it is harmful, others say that it’s okay. What is sure is that it contains aluminium ions and I prefer to avoid aluminium on my skin. Anyway, this alum stone doesn’t work so well on me.

Why avoiding aluminium ? Because it may be linked to breast cancer and to Alzheimer, and it is more absorbed and stored by the body through the skin than trough the stomach. So, let’s see the easy alternative I’ve got.

I think that I found the one that I will keep for long. It’s been tree years that I’m using it with great success. I make it myself and I am happy to share it with you because it’s so simple that I think everyone should know !

Sodium bicarbonate + turmeric powder (as an option).

I have a normal transpiration, but I also read testimonials of people who have heavy sweating and adopted this deodorant with relief.

Simply apply a little bit of powder on your arms pits, on dry or wet skin. And that’s it for the day. I keep my magic powder in a small closed box and keep it in my bag.

It’s by chance that a few months ago I added turmeric powder to this deodorant, because I wanted to use it as a toothpaste (I like when things have multiple use). Because in fact, sodium carbonate has various uses, on of them being to clean our teeth. Some dentist consider that is it too abrasive, some other believe that it’s good. Each of us can see for themselves. I personally use it once in a while as a mouth rinse and I appreciate to feel my teeth clean and soft after it. So it is abrasive, but I don’t feel that it’s violent. As for turmeric, this root is also used for whitening the teeth (yes I’m surprised too, as I get yellow fingers each time I touch turmeric), and as well for relieving gum. Turmeric has also many applications, such as helping to stop bleeding, so why not putting some on our gum.

This is how I ended up with a deodorant- « emergency toothpaste » super efficient and soft. As turmeric can also relieve our soft armpits.

Is it irritating ?

One important thing to note is that all deodorant can be irritating to the skin, especially if they are being applied right after shaving. With sodium carbonate alone, I would rather shave in the evening and apply the deodorant on the next morning. During the day, I used to feel that sodium carbonate could become irritating if I would put too much of it or too often (I have sensitive skin). Since I added turmeric powder, I don’t have this sensation any more.

I believe that the itchy sensation when applying it on an irritated skin such as right after shaving, is rather due to the roughness of baking soda (that has an abrasive structure of powder), than from any chemical reaction of this product with the skin. If it is the opposite way, please share your experience about it.

Anyway, I believe that there is no perfect deodorant, this is why it is always good to give a rest to the body. During night time for example or on a fresh day.

So : two ingredients for my deodorant : sodium carbonate (70 % to 50%) and turmeric powder (50 % to 30%). Just make it as you like it.

Let’s add that this mix can be helpful if you have stomach ache: sodium carbonate is said to help difficulty for digesting a meal, whereas turmeric would have soothing properties for the intestines.

Why did I adopt this deodorant ?

First, because it’s harmless (until proven otherwise). This is important to me because I will use it everyday and for many years. The efficient deodorants that may have side effects are out of my list, why creating new problems while solving other ones ? With only two ingredients, you know what you put on your body so you can use it everyday without worries. I don’t trust long ingredients lists that I don’t understand.

Then, this deodorant is edible, which is a good sign ! Sodium carbonate is used for baking, as replacement of yeast. As for turmeric, it is a root that is commonly used in Indian cuisine, as well as Thailand and other countries. It can be locally grown out of the tropics as well.

Secondly, I chose it because it’s working good ! I use it every morning and I have no smell for the whole day. If i go out in the evening, I may put some powder again, depending on the day I had. If I did a lot of sport, I’d take a shower, because it’s not a magic deodorant. I guess it’s the same for chemical deodorants, they don’t work a 100 %.

I imagine that the effectiveness of any product may vary from a person to another. Don’t hesitate to share your personal experience !

Third, this product is easy to find, it’s economic, and the most simple that I know. Buying a simple box at the supermarket, you can share it with your friends or keep it for years, it has a really long conservation, naturally, without added preservatives.

Baking soda has no smell, we use it for deodorising. Some people mix this powder with adapted essential oils or other ingredients so as to add a nice smell. I haven’t tried.

This product has a lot of useful applications, it used to be one of the main ingredients in these old times when people still made their own cleaning products at home. Baking soda can be used for cleaning the house, deodorizing the fridge, teeth cleaning, helping for digestion if acid reflux, and more to explore…so don’t worry if you buy a big box, you’ll never get bored with baking soda.

The perfect baking soda day:

Imagine you wake up, take a shower and put some baking soda (BS) on your arms pits, ready to move for a big cleaning day. After clearing some marks off the carpet with a BS paste, you feel hungry and go to open your fridge. No more unidentified smells thanks to the BS paste you have put in a cup in the fridge, finally, you can analyse your food without holding your breath (you eventually could also clean your fridge with BS). You decide to prepare some cakes, and pour a little bit of BS in the dough before putting the preparation in the oven. After eating, you clean the dishes with your detergent home-made with BS and essential oils, and you brush your teeth with your great mix of BS and turmeric powder. Finally you can relax…but, you’re having acid reflux because you ate too much of that cake ! So you simply drink a glass of water with some BS. Aaah what a day.

Note :

Sodium bicarbonate is commonly known as baking soda, it is not the same as soda crystals – also called sodium carbonate, sodium hydroxide or washing soda – which is caustic and very dangerous to the human body even touching or breathing it. To say it easily, the one with with bi- (bicarbonate) is the one you want for your skin.

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  • Caroline March 16, 2018 at 5:23 am

    Wow what a great read! Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Olivia December 7, 2018 at 7:59 am

    How does the turmeric not colour your clothes?

    • author December 21, 2018 at 4:06 pm

      Hello Olivia, thanks for your nice comments. That’s a good question for turmeric! It can color clothes, I would avoid wearing white with turmeric powder or, I would use only baking soda.
      Actually, black clothes can be also colored a bit with baking soda.
      It depends on how much we sweat. For a 100% zero color, palmarosa essential oil also works great as a deodorant. Half a drop on each arm pit, pure or diluted with a little bit of corn oil or other oil (corn oil is great for the skin, protecting and full of vitamin E). For exact quantities, each person can test it to make it personal. Palmarosa (as other essential oils) should not be used in pregnancy and breastfeeding and not on babies and children.

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