Thai dessert: steamed pumpkin and coconut milk

Thai desserts and snacks : a delicate inspiration (without milk and gluten)

I usually don’t eat white sugar, but for discovering new things I make exceptions. Thai desserts are very fine and beautiful, I especially like the fact that they are often wrapped in banana leave, which makes them cute, mysterious and ecological.

Apart from the widely spread Mango Sticky rice, Thai desserts are often forgotten by tourists, and more and more by locals, plastic or aluminium factory made products (I don’t call it food) are invading the market: western cakes and chips made by machines are little by little replacing the traditional dessert made by a real person, usually the neighbouring lady that will sell it to you with a big smile.

Discovering thai desserts was as much a delight as a nice research about alternative desserts, that would be as I dream: low temperature, without milk or butter, without wheat and gluten and even without plastic. The only thing missing is the without sugar. For this one, you can check my own “research invention” of desserts and recipes here, where I usually replace the sugar with banana, mango, durian or other fruits.

Thai dessert recipes would usually involve:

  • sticky rice or sticky rice flour
  • sugar (palm sugar, coconut sugar, white sugar or other)
  • a pinch of salt

Then as optional and for different variations:

  • coconut milk or grated coconut (or both!)
  • banana, mango, durian, or other fruits
  • as a second base or filling: tapioca pearls – taro – sweet potato – potato – pumpkin – corn
  • and for colouring sometimes: purple rice, butterfly blue pea flowers, green pandan leaves, pink sirop, and more…
  • egg
  • shrimps (for one that I found at least)

Then it can be steamed inside a banana leave or a palm tree leave (different kinds of palms), and the same concept is also used for meat or salty steamed food.

Here are some pictures and evocative names of Thai desserts, enjoy!

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