Very nice traditional alternative to plastic bags

Eco-kit : a complete set to go out : to the city, for travels or hiking

If you want to avoid plastic single use items, in the society we live you need to be a little bit organized. Once you complete your collection of objects, then you can enjoy foods and drinks out of your home with a lower impact, more beauty or esthetic in the hands and maybe inspire some people you meet.

Here is a list of objects that you can carry around with you, they are light and reusable. You may select the ones you need and add some other.

  • a bag or more : reusable and washable, made of fabric, plastic or other material.
  • one or more long-lasting water-proof small containers : to carry water, sauce, juice in your bag. It could be a stainless steel, a glass or a plastic container. Some glass containers have a plastic or a wooden lid. Some boxes can be whole wood or made out of different materials. You choose the appropiate size and weight of your own waterproof, chockproof container.
  • a spoon : from wood, metal or plastic.
  • one or more fabric napkins (washable) : to wipe your mouth, your fingers, the table, to blow your nose… Single use napkins and tissues are a big waste of trees, energy, water, chemicals, plastic wraps, transport, and thez are easily replaced.
  • a bottle of water that you can refill, or a canteen
  • a cup (from which you can drink from fountains or buy drinks to go)

Optional :

  • a fork
  • a knife
  • a straw : for example a long lasting bamboo straw that you can make yourself, or a metal straw or a solid and reusable plastic one.
  • chopsticks
  • a beeswax wrap (made with recycled fabric, otherwise it is more water used and CO2 made from producing this fabric in Asia, mostly Bengladesh and Pakistan now).
Bamboo naturally grows with a hole inside, it’s a natural and local straw if it grows where you live (mostly every tropical and tempered countries)
Here is all about homemade bamboo straws
and the impact of plastic straws.

All these items can be carried in your reusable and washable bag. They weight few hundred grams but they can spare tons of plastic waste each year.

If everyone did that, the impact would be huge. Even if people carried one of these items only, that would already make a big change.

I believe I should live in a way that remains sustainable if all humans biengs lived like me, if I do this, or try my best, I would have done my part. I cannot save the planet, but I can do my part.

What if others don’t care and don’t do it ? Well, even if few people only are willing to start acting now now, you can still do your part, then at least, YOU ARE DONE with it.

You do count, we all do. And you demonstrate by example that it is feasable.

Any other suggestion for stopping single use items ?

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